Error while installing the Simple ITK manually

I’m trying to install the SimpleITK manually according this link Building Simple ITK manually because I need to run the Simple ITK in C++ using the qmake, but I’m getting this error:

CMake Error at PythonVirtualEnvInstall.cmake:57 (message):
Installation of SimpleITK into Python virutal enviroment failed.

  can't open file
  [Errno 2] No such file or directory

I have already installed all the prerequisites (Gtest, ITK, Swig, Lua and Cmake) and the SimpleITK for python according to this link Compilations and instalations from github, but I’m still having this problem. So, how to solve this?

Ps: If there is a way of not installing the simpleITK for python it will be also nice because I just need the SimpleITK for C++.


Please look at the CMake variable “WRAP_PYTHON”. If you set it to OFF python will not be compiled. Additionally, if you set “WRAP_DEFAULT” to OFF on the first configuration no wrapping will occur and you will not seed SWIG either.


I did this using WRAP_DEFAULT, but I’ve got some other problems: (I) The CMAKE didn’t generate the include files but generated the .lib(when I compiled with SuperBuild the include were at /SimpleITK-Build/include); (II) For solving this I tried to use the new .lib files with the old include, but the qt return to me the same ‘undefined reference to …’ errors.

So, how to solve this?