Error in calling SpeedFunctionToPathFilter() in python interfaces

Hi, all

I have tried to call the function which is vessel centerline function ‘SpeedFunctionToPathFilter()’ with itk python interfaces, but dump error occurred when it was called.
Would you mind to tell how correct or detour it?

My installation steps is below, it comes from

  • install itk 5.0rc2 with pip
    pip install --pre itk

  • install itk-minimalpathextraction with pip
    pip install itk-minimalpathextraction

  • code

       import itk      
       PixelType = itk.ctype('float')
       Dimension = 2
       ImageType = itk.Image[PixelType, Dimension]
       PathType = itk.PolyLineParametricPath[Dimension]
       PathFilterType = itk.SpeedFunctionToPathFilter[ImageType, PathType]
  • environment
    os: Ubuntu 18.04, python 3.6


Hi JayLee,

Welcome to the ITK community! :sunny:

Thanks for the report. Python packages interfaces have changed with ITK 5.0rc02 – we will work on updating the itk-minimalpathextraction package to work with the new packages.

Hi Matt.

Thanks for kind reply, Please let me know when new update is released.


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Hi JayLee,

Thanks to help from @fbudin, an updated package is now available. :tada: