Error during registration

Dear experts,

Now I am using ANTS toolbox, which is based on the ITK, to registe my images to the template but i found the following error:
****=============================================================== ****
WARNING: In /usr/include/ITK-4.10/itkTransformFactoryBase.h, line 81
TransformFactoryBase (0x555e9eb4e430): Refusing to register transform “MatrixOffsetTransformBase_double_3_3” again!
================== **

Does anyone has idea about it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

With best,

Hi @ChanghongLi,

This may be specific to how ANTS is being invoked and using ITK. Providing a detailed, reproducible description of the command line arguments and input images, and the ANTS version used on the ANTs issue tracker will provide enough information to understand the issue:


Many thanks for your reply.

With best,