error "Deprecated. Use equivalent C++11 header instead. see: vxl/scripts/"

Error info: fatal error C1189: #error: “Deprecated. Use equivalent C++11 header instead. see: vxl/scripts/”
ITK Version: 5.0.1
CMake Version: 3.17
My visual studio project was upgraded from visual-tudio 2008 to visual-studio 2017. Reported this error when compiled it.
How resolve this question?

Generate your solution for VS2017 using CMake or CMake-GUI. Upgrading from so much older VS is not expected to work. And how did you get version 5.0.1 to be compiled with VS2008? It is supposed to complain about absence of C++11 support.

Thanks for your replay.
My old project was compiled with VS2008, and I upgrade it with VS2017. And ITK was compiled with VS2017.

It is preferred to use CMake for your own project too.

If that is impossible for some reason, use CMake to configure a hello-world project, then copy include directories and link libraries from there to your own project. Also see this.