error building v5.1.1 for Mac Big Sur 11.2.3

Hi Guys,

I am getting this error when trying to build (I used the option Module_ITKVtkGlue=ON) and make v5.1.1 for Mac Big Sur 11.2.3.

[ 40%] Building CXX object Modules/Core/Common/src/CMakeFiles/ITKCommon.dir/itkFloatingPointExceptions.cxx.o

In file included from

ITK/Modules/Core/Common/src/itkFloatingPointExceptions_unix.cxx:140:3: error: use of undeclared identifier 'itk_feenableexcept’


Any idea how to get around that?



Use the latest pre-release (5.2RC3) or master, where that problem has been fixed.


Thanks! yes the master did build without issue.


There is also an Apple Silicon nightly build on Just look for “”. Currently there are 4 failing tests.

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@dzenanz , @imikejackson - any chance you know which commit fixed this particular issue? I am hoping to see if I can patch it myself to 5.1.2.

I don’t remember any more, going through the PRs is the way to find it, I think. Maybe @seanm contributed the fix?

I don’t remember either. I also probably didn’t compile the VtkGlue module (unless it was a default). There were some other issues that came up with BigSur on Silicon during compilation and I would just move up to ITK 5.2 if you at all can.

My guess is that itk_feenableexcept is only getting defined with the CPU type is x86. You would have to trace back through the #defines to figure out when that happens and why it is failing, then look over the MRs for ITK.

Thanks for the replies!
(Will attempt 5.2)