Embarcadero RAD C ++ Studio 10.2.3 Tokyo Architec + ITK + VTK?

Is it possible to use Embarcadero RAD C ++ Studio 10.2.3 Tokyo Architec to build applications using ITK e and VTK? Is there a place where you explain how to do it? For ITK and VTK they always refer to compile it and use it with IDE as Visual Studio or Qt, but in the searches that I have performed I have not found anything that leaves a place for Embarcadero RAD C ++ Sudio. Thank you

It should be possible using the instructions provided on Embarcadero’s website.

Hi Dženan Zukić.

Thanks a lot to you again. I’m reading the wiki page right now. I took your advice about compiling ITK with Clang, RAD Studio C++ Builder use Clang.

Thanks again.


Any luck compiling VTK using Embarcaderos Clang compiler?