DVMeshNoise remote module fork and redirection

I’ve realized that the DVMeshNoise remote module that @DVigneault contributed with has the following GitHub address in ITK’s remote modules:

However, that seems to be redirecting to:

@DVigneault’s IJ submission README.md reads:

An up-to-date version of DVMeshNoise will be maintained at https://github.com/DVigneault/DVMeshNoise/.

There seems to be a redirection there. Hence, I’m wondering whether we should rather change the URL to be the one at the InsightSoftwareConsortium GitHub repo’s, or else this was done on purpose, and everything is fine.



We recently (in the last few weeks) transferred the module from my github account to the InsightSoftwareConsortium–I think both URLs you’ve pointed out are just holdovers from that. I’ve updated the README on the IJ submission–I think that the remote module URL should be updated as well, as I’m not sure how long github redirects transferred repositories.



I think that GitHub redirects moved repositories until a new repository is created in the moved repository’s place (same name within same organization). But we should update the remote module to the new direct address.

I made a patch to avoid the redirect.

@dzenanz @DVigneault Thanks for the clarification and for addressing this.