DRR image

I use the example GetDRRSiddonJacobsRayTracing.cxx to generate DRR images. The data in the example can generate DRR images. when I used my own data, I can only generate an all black image. Does anyone know why?

Without providing additional details, it is hard to help you.

When I use the data in the example, I can generate DRR images
But when I use a nii file of blood vessels, I get a DRR image

If you share your “nii file of blood vessels”, @simon.rit might be able to help you.

this is my nii file

ves_1.rar (41.4 KB)

I’m not the developer or the maintainer of this code. I only know it because it’s been wrapped at some point in RTK. Nevertheless, compiling it for the first time, it seems to be an issue with pixel type. Using float instead of short in the code gives me a non-zero a DRR.


Thank you for your reply. The problem is solved. It’s really a pixel problem

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