Doxygen pages now available offline

The most recently visited nightly Doxygen pages will now be available offline when using a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome. All the better for coding on a plane or in the desert! :mountain_snow::airplane:

Cache re-use is also improved so pages load faster. :dash:


Cool! Looking forward to code from the cave! :keyboard:

In the topic of offline docs, have you used Dash/Kapeli/Zeal before? It adds an index in SQlite from any documentation. I have discovered it recently, and I’ve found it quite nice for some libraries (python, javascript, cmake), faster than searching in google/doxygen.

There was a question about adding ITK from an user, but it seems abandoned.

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Software splunking here we come! :weight_lifting_man::man_cartwheeling:

Dash / Zeal look very cool! A ITK doxygen addition would be great – possibly removing the inheritance and collaboration diagram images to cut down on size as suggested in the issue. Over the next year, we will work on Sphinx API docs for ITK, too.

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