Does sery share the same rescale slope?

I want to read dicom files, and I want to know whether the sery share the same rescale slope/intercept?

Or two image in one sery may have different rescale slope/intercept.

I suppose they could have different rescale slope/intercept. I don’t know whether that is common. A way to find out is to read the files of the series, and compare their metadata. Why do you care about it?

@dzenanz Thank you for your kindly reply. Currently, I need to implement a c++ class to store patient-sery-slice information. In this way, I feel confuzed whether the rescale slope/intercept should be the member of sery or slice.

If two slices in one sery may has different rescale slope/intercept, I should implement it as the member of slice.

Rescale slope and intercept are defined in slices. I don’t think it is common for them to differ from slice to slice, but they could definitely differ.

Variable re-scale is usual for PET, both for classic series and multi-frame images.

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