Does anyone know where to download the file "GraphCut3D/ImageMultiLabelGridCutFilter.h".

Whe I download and build the project “”, I can not find the file “AlphaExpansion_3D_6C_MT.h”, where include in “GraphCut3D/ImageMultiLabelGridCutFilter.h”
like this:

can anyone give me a websit to download this file.

Maybe here or here?

Thanks! do you how to make backgroundmask,foregroundmask,multilabelmask for 3D GraphCut algorithm。Now,I want to learn GraphCut algorithm applying in medical

Here are some resources concerning graph cuts and related methods (including how to select the appropriate seeds or masks) in ITK:

Some earlier works:

Otherwise, you may find useful resources for learning under the Resources section in


I highly recommend ITKGrowCut. It is being actively developed, and has been long in use by Slicer.

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@dzenanz @jhlegarreta Thanks for your recommendations and resources, I hope i can help anyone some day in this forum.

Hi! I have download the code and compiled the code, But I did not know how to use the the demo, especially how to make" image.mhd multiLabelMask.mhd backgroundMask.mhd" parameters!
Can you give me a demo to make the parameters.


Those correspond to the input data used by the example. You can find them in the data folder of the repository.

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Yes ,I know the data and test it, but I do not know how to make the data,like multiLabelMask.mhd espacially!

I have not opened the file, but from the context it is a multilabel (segmentation) file: each pixel in the original image has been assigned a label (essentially an integer number) meaning that it belongs to a structure of interest based on some property and (segmentation) method.

Take into account that segmentation is a very problem-specific (image modality, structure you are trying to segment, etc.) task, so what is in the SW Guide are explanations on the foundations of the methods available in ITK and general guidelines.

You may want to about the segmentation methods available in the ITK SW Guide (chapter 4):

The examples in the ITK SW Guide are hosted as self-contained, ready-to-use scripts in the ITK code base.