Difficulties installing ITK4.10.0 as rusage be no longer used

I am trying to install itk4.10.0 version, However, I am getting the following error. I have attempted to google the answer but have not found anything. Any and all help would be very much appreciated!

**InsightToolkit-4.10.0/Modules/Core/Common/src/itkMemoryUsageObserver.cxx:449:79: error: ‘struct rusage’ has no member named ‘ru_ixrss’
     return static_cast<MemoryUsageObserverBase::MemoryLoadType> (resourceInfo.ru_ixrss);**

I checked the man age of getusage, there it seems they stopped maintaining the “ru_ixrss (unmaintained) This field is currently unused on Linux”.

ITK 4.10 is fairly old by now. Version 4.13.3 should be backwards compatible with 4.10, and should work better on newer compilers. If that does not help, you will have to migrate your application to v5 (recommended), or fix the compile issues yourself. The last commit in 4.13.3 is titled “added vcl compiler detection for GCC 10.x”.