dicom files

Multiple threads read dicom files concurrently, always in gdCMdatasethelper.cxx

if( tag.IsGroupLength() )


assert( vr == VR::UL );


if( tag.IsPrivateCreator() )


assert( vr == VR::LO );


Stop at assertion, what is the cause (ITK 4.13)

If the read is single-threaded, does the same error occur? Can you share the offending image?

if the read is single-threaded,No errors,The image file that fails every time it is read is not fixed, the key is to compile the Release version without cras
IM293 (515.7 KB)
hing, because release does not check Assert

@mihail.isakov and @mathieu.malaterre might have some suggestions.

4.13 is already several years old. If you can reproduce the issue with the recent version and maybe a minimal example, try to open an issue here: GDCM or write to the GDCM mailing list.

The asserts are related to CP-246, it is about datasets converted from implicit transfer syntax to explicit. It allows VR::UN, but never for Group Length (retired) and Private Creator. I guess it is the reason for the check. Yes, it is only for debug mode. The attached file has no issues, BTW.