Developing the ITK Code of Conduct

a Code of Conduct suggestion for all spaces managed by ITK was submitted for review to gerrit:

It highlights the community’s values and presents them in writing, and describes behavior that the community shall not tolerate, as well as the mechanisms that as a community we would like to have to report and resolve incidents.

This document may help us in keeping a welcoming and productive community.

Reviews and feedback are welcome, as always.

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Jon, Thank you for taking on this very important task. A good code of conduct is essential for developing a strong community.

Your leadership on the ITK project is greatly appreciated.

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The gerrit topic was finally merged, and the Code of Conduct is available here.

Thanks to all reviewers.

The details of the CoC will be updated as the ISC defines the related procedures (members, forms, etc.).

Please, check directly those changes in the related markdown (*.md) documents linked from the above document.


Thanks again for your work on this, Jon!

A link to the code of conduct has been added to the Discourse banner.