Deformable 3D triangular mesh in ITK

Hi, everyone~. I am a freshman of ITK. In my work, I would like to deform the triangular mesh to segment
the 3D images. At first, I notice the DeformableSimplexMesh3DFilter, yet the input of this filter seems to be a
polygon mesh (simplex mesh), generated by connecting the centers of the triangles of a triangular mesh. As
I have to do some post processing with my triangular mesh for every iteration, I don’t want to change the
mesh structure during the deformation. Actually to move the vertices of the triangular mesh according to the
image information is all I want, and then I will adjust the shape and topology of the mesh with my own
method. Shortly afterwards, I find the filter itkDeformableMesh3DFilter seems to implement the function, yet I
didn’t find the module of itkDeformableMesh3DFilter after the compiling of the ITK. I wonder if someone
could tell me what I have missed when compiling the ITK with CMake and Vistual studio 2010. Thank you and
best regards.~

By the way, I wonder if ITK provides the function of deformable models based on the surface triangular mesh. The filter itkDeformableMesh3DFilter seems to do this work, yet the reference is so rare that I didn’t find the paper or article to describe the method, which makes it uneasy to understand. Sincerely hope someone could resolve my doubt. Wish you all have good achievements in work and good health.~

Here are some the filters in ITKDeformableMesh module. itk::DeformableMesh3DFilter was part of version 3 compatibility module and has been removed earlier this year. It can still be found in ITK 4.13.1, if compatibility options are enabled during CMake configure step.

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Oh, thank you, dzenanz~.You can’t image how I am excited to receive your reply~. Do you know some references to describe the method of itk::DeformableMesh3DFileter? The instruction document of this filter seems very short and does not provide the related paper or article. I would like to have a study based on ITK and may re-implement the method. It seems the ITKDeformableMesh module only remains the filter with the input to be the simplex mesh (a polygon mesh which every vertex has exact three neighbors according to my understanding). I am a little curious why itk::DeformableMesh3DFilter is removed. Have a good day, you are very kind.~

By the way, I just added the compatibility with version 3 in the configure step of CMake and found the class itk::DeformableMesh3DFilter after compiling. You are very helpful.~