Data migration to from

(Matt McCormick) #1


ITK community-related data has been migrated from


Please update any links or references that you may have. is expected to be taken offline in August. To add upload permissions to your account for ITK, register for an account and reply to this thread.


(Bill Lorensen) #2

Should my oldies but goodies be moved? Can you help?

(Matt McCormick) #3

@bill.lorensen oldies but goodies are cherished by the community! :gift_heart:

All content from the ITK Community was migrated to the ITK Collection.

If there is additional content that should be there, we should add it. Your account lorensen now has upload permissions on the ITK Collection. Additional content is welcome and appreciated. Data can be uploaded through the web interface. It is easier to upload larger datasets with the girder Python command line client. Please let us know if more information is required.

(Ziv Yaniv) #4

Hi Matt,

When I compared the girder SimpleITK’s ipythonNotebookData to the midas one found under the ITK data it is missing data. Can this be updated on your siide or do you need to give me upload permissions and then I do it?


(Matt McCormick) #5

Hi Ziv,

There may be new content that needs to be added – I have added your account and @blowekamp 's account to the collection so any missing content can be added and any new content can be added in the future.


(Ziv Yaniv) #6

Thanks. Will upload missing content.