D:\ITK5.3\release\bin\ITKCommon-5.3.dll”。Module generated without symbols

Why is there no debug symbol in the debug library I compiled?

Because you selected Release build configuration. If you want debug symbols, use Debug or RelWithDebInfo CMake configurations.

I selected is Debug ,it don not have debug symbols?

and my release lib is normal ,but debug can not read dicom serics image ,and have not debug symbols.

Can you share your CMakeCache.txt from D:\ITK5.3\release folder?

CMakeCache.txt (207.7 KB)
it is at D:\ITK5.3\Build

The process I build is to compile the source code into the build folder with cmake, and then use vs2022 to compile the debug version and release version respectively

And this should generate the files in d:/ITK5.3/build/bin/Release/ITKCommon-5.3.dll and d:/ITK5.3/build/bin/Debug/ITKCommon-5.3.dll, not d:/ITK5.3/relese/bin/ITKCommon-5.3.dll. You seem to be looking at the wrong files.

You are right. I didn’t find that I have been loading the wrong dll.Thank you very much.

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