Current missing PR step?


I just pushed my first bug-fix to ITK via github instead of Gerrit. After I did a git review-push --force the branch was present in fork but I could not a PR in the consortium repo - so I pressed the “Create PR” button on Github.

Should the PR have been created automatically? Did I manage to mess up my local repo setup? It wouldn’t be the first time.

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Hi Tobias,
short answer is no. The PRs still need to be created manually. But the moment you push, GitHub suggests you to open it.

Also, when you push a topic, the ITK git hooks suggest you to open a PR, providing the id of the PR, and the complete URL.

Thanks for contributing !


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@jhlegarreta is right – you did everything correctly. Congrats on your first pull request to the ITK GitHub repository! :octopus:

The patch modifies the file so this is clear for future contributors:

Just to complete what has been said and the guidelines, the ITK Git Sheet may be another useful resource when contributing.

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