cross compile problem (ITK_bld_internal_H5make_libsettings)

i’m using ITK version 4.13.2.

i manage to compile it for Windows (using VS2017), but when i try to compile to cross compilation i get problems:
First, I had a problem with this:


It says I have too long folder. So I set it to short in the cmake file (because it something that I don’t know where it comes from)

Then I had problems with

itk please set the following cache variables appropriately: qnanhibit_value (advanced) qnanhibit_value__tryrun_output (advanced)

so I found in the internet setting for that (“1” for the first and “-DTEEM_QNANHIBIT=1” for the second)

then I got problems with this:



So I set it to “0” and “” (I found somewhere).

And now I have this problem:

ITK_bld_internal_H5make_libsettings is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

anyone have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

Which platform are you trying to cross-compile to? If a platform is not normally supported, cross-compiling to it will not work either. Take a look at current version’s dashboard to see which platforms are tested and work.

ITK 5.0.1 or later is recommended.

HDF5 has cross-compiling challenges. However, we have patched HDF5 so its H5make_libsettings can build easily with CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR, if set.

dockcross, provides a QEMU User executable for this task. Otherwise, you may need to build and run the executable manually on the target system.

The use of CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR also prevents the need to manually populate tryrun outputs.

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I’m trying to build for my nvidia jetson tx2 which have armv8 (aarch64) processor.

Eliah Ninyo

But i dont need emulator i really need to cross compile


Have you tried the dockcross/linux-arm64 toolchain?