creating a 2D projection image from a 3D array (extracted from a single DICOM series)

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Please forgive me if this question has already been asked, I have searched but did not find anything similar.

I have a 3D head CT series in DICOM format and would like to generate multiple 2D images of a 3D volume rendering (from different angles).

I have managed to extract and create a 3D array from each of the slices pixel_array, modify this 3D array based on a segmentation mask done in 3D slicer (nrrd) and even managed to plot the modified 3D volume rendering in jupyter by using the amazing itkwidgets library.

What I now need is to be able to generate multiple 2D “snapshots” from different angles of this 3D volume rendering.

Does the ITK or itkwidgets library have any function or set of functions that could perhaps aid me in this?

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No, ITK is an image processing library, not a visualization library.

itkwidgets combines itk.js and vtk.js to achieve visualization.

If you only need a few 2D snapshots, you can accomplish that manually in Slicer: set up your scene, save a screenshot, move camera a little, save another screenshot etc.

If you want something more automated or consistent, you will need to resort to scripting. Maybe Rotate_the_3D_View can be a starting point?

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