Create ITK Setup project

I’m new here.

I downloaded ITK 5.1.1 for Windows, configured, generated using CMake successfully, and Compiled successfully on Visual Studio 2019. When I trying to create installation project got error:

Building file ‘C:\Users\James\SetupITK\Release\SetupITK.msi’…
ERROR: Could not find file ‘C:\Users\James\ITK-511\x64\Release\ALL_BUILD’ ‘Access is denied.’

I checked and modified the folder, there is no permission issue but keep getting above error.

Am I missing anything here?
Any help will be appreciated.


Which CPACK_GENERATOR are you using? I am not sure that anything other than NSIS and TGZ are expected to work on Windows.

Thank You DZenan. I used CMake 3.19.0.rc3 to generate Visual Studio solution.

I used Visual Studio Installer. I’ll try to use NSIS. Thank you.