create coronal images for different slice thickness of axial image

How to create coronal and sagittal images for different slice thickness

When doing resampling in your desired orientation, just specify thicker slices. Also, using a higher quality interpolation (BSpline or WindowedSinc) should be useful.

Thanks For Your Response.

above image is after doing MPR for an axial image without changing anything

Now i have increased thickness of line.
i am looking for equivalent function(thickness increase) in itk.

Are you looking for Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) filter?

@dzenanz Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) filter is there any possibility to give start and end index in this filter?

If you apply technique from this example, does that work, and does it give you what you want?

If setting requested region does not work, RegionOfInterest filter will.


I am looking for this option TS(THick Slices) in itk.
increase and decrease slice thickness using ITK.

It is a visualization filter written in VTK. It looks like maximum projection filter, but not for the whole volume, instead it only uses a few slices around the selected one.

As far as I know, it has not been implemented in ITK. But implementing it should be easy. First apply region of interest filter around the slice of interest, then use maximum intensity projection perpendicular to that slice.