Coregistration of DICOM series with different resolutions

Hi – was just looking through the documentation for ITK/SimpleITK, with the goal of coregistering two DICOM series, but with different numbers of “slices” (images) per series. For example, coregistering a series of T2 Flair images (# im = 28) to a series of T1 images (# im = 32). Firstly, is this possible? I’m new to working with MR imaging. I know there’s functionality to read in a DICOM series and construct a 3d image from that, but the coregistration is where I’m stuck. I’m hoping to do this in Python.

Hello @vstevensf,

Yes, this is one of the key tasks the toolkit addresses. In the context of SimpleITK, please take a look at the registration notebooks, 6* series, in the notebook repository and possibly consider going over the online tutorial.


Thank you!

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