ConnectedComponentImageFilter doc


The documentation for ConnectedComponentImageFilter:

states that “The final object labels start with 1 and are consecutive”, but I’m noticing that this true only if the output background value is set to zero (default). If the output background is set to a non-zero value (by calling the SetBackgroundValue() routine of the filter), labels start at 0. They remain consecutive, except for skipping the background value if needed.

Does the documentation need an update?


It does. Do you want to update it?

The code for the function which constructs consecutive labels can be found here.

Dženan, Yes, gladly. Should I create a pull request after updating the Doxygen comment block in this file?:


We are in the process of switching from gerrit to GitHub code review. While we still haven’t switched, I guess a doc-only change can be done as a GitHub pull request. @matt.mccormick

Contributions are certainly welcome @Fijoy_Vadakkumpadan!

As @dzenanz noted, we have note moved to using GitHub as the main repository, and we can not merge PR’s until that happens. However, this is slated for next week, so you are welcome to stage a PR on GitHub :octopus:.