conda-forge release of 5.21?

I was curious what it takes to track down the errors preventing ITK 5.2.1 from being updated on conda-forge?


Mike Jackson

So really I am just confused as to the various differences between “itk” and “libitk” and “libitk-devel”?

and the different versions between them?

Hello @imikejackson,

The conda forge “itk” package and feedstock provide the itk python package for conda. My understanding is that it is a repackage of the PyPi ITK binaries.

The conda forge feedstock “libitk” provides the conda forge “libitk” and “libitk-devel” packages. This feed stock build’s ITK from source code. It produces two packages: “libitk” which is the runtime components, and “libitk” which are the development components needed to compile using ITK. The simpleitk feed stocks use these ITK packages on conda-forge.

Hope that help!