Concept of ITK pipeline and correlation to source repo structure

Hi All, I am in process to come up with a source code structure that I developed my prototype use case using simple ITK and python. I wanted to learn concept of pipeline in ITK does it have any correlation to how I would structure my source code? I wish to build infrastructure such that output of overall segmentation using simple ITK can be easily integrated into one of VTK interfaces like 3D slicer, ITK snap etc. Happy Holidays everyone !!! Thanks, Jiten

It is pretty easy to turn a command-line executable into a Slicer CLI module. See documentation and example.


Thanks @dzenanz will go over it! Thanks, Jiten!

Hi @dzenanz currently I have to run the python program manually from pyCharm IDE to get the algo executed. Is there link you can provide to make my algo into a command-line executable? Thanks, Jiten

Take a look at this discussion and the first link in it.