Computed tomography scan resampling

I am having a 3D CT scans from which I need to extract some coronal views according to provided coordinates. Also sometimes I need to adjust extracted slice pixel spacings. So my question is what is the right order of operations:
a) extract required coronal slice and than resample to needed pixel spacings
b) resample whole scan to needed pixel spacings and than extract required coronal slice
Thank you in advance for helping!

First extracting a slice and then resampling it will be a lot faster, which means you can use higher quality interpolation (e.g. WindowedSinc).

Yes it is much faster. I am just not sure what is advantageous to use: better interpolation algorithm from less data or simpler algorithm but with more neighboring data available (I guess in case of scan resampling interpolated value can use more neighboring pixels than when resampling having only single slice)?

Ah, if the slice you want to extract is not along the acquisition direction, it makes sense to resample to isotropic spacing first and then extract slice. You will probably get a little more spatial resolution from adjacent slices. But you don’t need to resample the entire volume - just a small section around the slice you are interested in is enough.

Dženan, thank you for helping!

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