Codes for registration framework for fast alignment of 2D and 3D

Registration framework for fast alignment of 2D and 3D intra and inter-modality images using rigid or deformable transformations.
Is the code available for the second example (animation) given at for registration?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @amitjaiswal,

Code that generates a similar animation is available from the SimpleITK Jupyter notebooks repository, see here.

This specific animation extended that code. Don’t remember if the 3D was a fully custom solution or based on VTK . @dchen is your code available online?


I haven’t put it online, but I can dig it up and see. IIRC, I did the actual rendering of the volumes using Slicer.

@zivy, thank you very much.
I’ll go through the codes and see how helpful it is.

@dchen, thank you.
I would really appreciate if you find and share the codes.