CMake error: Python Module

I turned the ITK_WRAP_PYTHON variable on using ccmake and get a weird Cmake error when trying to configure. I cannot find any information for WRAP_CLASS.

CMake Error at
mageFilter.wrap:1 (WRAP_CLASS):
Unknown CMake command “WRAP_CLASS”.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
Wrapping/TypedefMacros.cmake:214 (include)
Wrapping/TypedefMacros.cmake:195 (itk_load_submodule)

I have blown away the build directory and started a fresh build of ITK. Turning on the Python wrapper now gives:
[ 59%] Building CXX object Wrapping/Modules/ITKCommon/CMakeFiles/ITKCommonPython.dir/ITKCommonBasePython.cpp.o
/home/melrobin/packages/ITK/build/Wrapping/Modules/ITKCommon/ITKCommonBasePython.cpp: In function ‘void init_ITKCommonBasePython()’:
/home/melrobin/packages/ITK/build/Wrapping/Modules/ITKCommon/ITKCommonBasePython.cpp:40607:91: error: ‘Platform’ is not a member of ‘itkMultiThreader {aka itk::MultiThreaderBase}’
SWIG_Python_SetConstant(d, “itkMultiThreader_Platform”,SWIG_From_int(static_cast< int >(itkMultiThreader::Platform)));

I saw that there has been some multithreader refactoring. Could this have affected the Python build?

Yes, there was major threading refactoring merged on Monday. It has broken a few things (e.g. a lot of remote modules), a few tests are now frequently failing and I suppose it broke Python wrapping too.

We will gradually fix all of these issues.