CI scripts and Dockerfiles of ITKContinuousIntegration


(Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan) #1

I see that to build windows CI ITK uses this docker image:

Where can I find the associated Dockerfile? Thanks!

(Dženan Zukić) #2

I think here:

(Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan) #3

Thanks @dzenanz, then vs2017 is not what I am looking for. Where can I see the scripts used by the robots for building ITK in windows for example: ?

(Dženan Zukić) #4

Maybe here:

(Matt McCormick) #5

The CI scripts for our GitHub builds are here:

As @dzenanz notes, they use the azure_dashboard.cmake and itk_common.cmake CTest scripts in the ITK repository dashboard branch.

These are running the Microsoft-hosted agents with the vs2017-win2016 vmImage.

The More You Know :rainbow::star: :wink: