check is the origin and spacing data present

I have relatively big dataset from various sources all in MHA I want to be check that all have correctly set spacing,origin and direction - is there a way to check it ?
To clarify I read already all of the origin and spacing data about files from dataset into a table - and I consider how to filter out all that are corrupted - if there are such - to go with further processing

If you manage to read all that using ITK, there is no corruption in images themselves.

How should I know whether the metadata you read satisfies your expectations? How should computer know that? If you describe your problem in more detail, we might have some advice.

Thanks ! I want to have all data required for registration, I seen that some files has for example spacing of size two for 3 dimensional image, I was wondering is there standard set of checks to perform to be able to get exact physical location of each voxel.

The key metadata is:

  • spacing
  • origin
  • direction matrix

ok thanks!