CDash [Insight] - Update Errors is undergoing a makeover. I guess git infrastructure is being removed from it, now that we have migrated to GitHub. I got the following email:

corista.kitware has encountered errors during the Update step and you have been identified as the maintainer of this site.

Update Errors
Status: Update command failed:
“/usr/bin/git” “pull” “origin” “nightly-master” (

I investigated:

dzenan@corista:~/Dashboards/Tests/ITK$ git pull origin nightly-master 
fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /ITK.git
dzenan@corista:~/Dashboards/Tests/ITK$ git remote get-url origin 

which means that dashboard machines/infrastructure need some update. We will be working on it, now that we have identified the problem.

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Thanks for keeping things updated and clean!

Since we have successfully migrated to GitHub for quite some time :tada: :octopus: , the Kitware Git repositories, e.g.

are being taken down.

Nothing current is pointing to these repository locations. However, very old dashboard builds should remove their local cloned repository, in which case the dashboard script will re-clone from the GitHub repository. Or, manually update the Git remote origin URL.

If you find your self needing to build old code with the old URLs. You can add the following to your top level .gitconfig file to redirect the git URLs:

[url ""]
    insteadOf = ""

A minor change in itk_common.cmake was required:

-set(dashboard_git_url "git://")
+set(dashboard_git_url "git://")

We will see tomorrow it that was enough.

I was wondering why my git pulls were not working.

I guess just updating itk_common.cmake was not enough, the Tests directory needs to be cleaned too.

Cleanup on Kitware’s dashboard machines in progress. Let’s see tomorrow whether we got them all.

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Update complete.

dashmacmini5.kitware is not a kitware-owned machine (despite the name). I have sent an email to its contact person.

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