CDash GitHub Check

Our CDash GitHub Check is back online, and improved! :tada:

The status check is now listed as CDash:

This status will be yellow (in progress), if there are expected builds in progress, red (failure) is any one of the builds failed, or green (success) if all the builds succeeded.

Clicking the Details link will bring you to the Check page, which is provided to quickly assess the state of the build.

This page provides a total count of configuration issues, build errors, build warnings, and test failures. If any of these metrics are non-zero, they will be highlighted in bold font.

A summary of the builds is also provided in a table visualization. To explore the build results further, click the image or the link below. This will take you to a CDash filtered page for the revision.


Simply brilliant ! Thanks @matt.mccormick !

Cool stuff! It seems to be working well.

In the rendered “details” the order is Build Errors, Build Warnings, Configurations Errors, Configuration Warnings, etc… while of the crash web site the Configurations occur first. I’d suggest keeping the order consistent between the two.

Yes, this is now consistent!


That looks so much better thanks!

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