Can't find "ITKVtkGlueExport.h" file included in "QuickView.h"


I am trying to use the QuickView object to display a 3d image but I can’t find the ITKVtkGlueExport.h file anywhere even though it’s included in the QuickView.h file. Am I missing something?


Hi @Come,

ITKVtkGlueExport.h is generated by CMake when the project is configured.


Thanks @matt.mccormick , I’m unfortunately not very familiar with CMake yet. I built the Itk project and it works well, I’m using visual studio (2015) to develop my algorithms. When you say

do you mean the project using the QuickView object? If so, I don’t know how I can generate this file using CMake.

You need to turn Module_ITKVtkGlue ON when configuring ITK. You will need to point to VTK’s build directory. Then QuickView.h should work correctly.