CannySegmentationLevelSetImageFilter in Simple ITK

(Pettaa123) #1

I am thinking about integrating ITK’s CannySegmentationLevelSetImageFilter into an own SimpleITK filter
in order to bring it into my csharp code.
Is this recommendable? I am asking because I couldn’t find an example on how to add and wrap a itk filter into simpleitk so that its useable in c# afterwards…

(Bradley Lowekamp) #2

Hello petta123,

Welcome to the ITK community!

I saw the issue you brought up in SimpleITK:

I’ll take a look at wrapping it, as long as I don’t run into ITK issue, it should be do able.

To able to use the PR, and ITK development versions. I’d recommend reading the Building SimpleITK section in the documentation.

(Bradley Lowekamp) #3

I have an initial implementation to wrap the filter here:

Please let me know if this parameterization of the filter meets your needs. I’ll give it some testing tomorrow.