Cannot open include file: ‘itkImageIOFactoryRegisterManager.h’ Error in using Conan-built ITK on windows

Hi All,
I have encountered an issue as below.

|Error|C1083|Cannot open include file: ‘itkImageIOFactoryRegisterManager.h’: No such file or directory|RestDICOM| C:.conan\5d4232\1\include\ITK-5.1\itkImageFileWriter.h|246||

I have been trying to fix it by adding
to my cmakefile, but it did not have any effect.

Could any one help with how to fix? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

That file is supposed to be in your-build-directory\ITKFactoryRegistration\itkImageIOFactoryRegisterManager.h, not in some directory in your package manager. How does your CMakeLists.txt look like? If it is complicated, can you try hello world against your Conan install?