Call for help: performance benchmarking results

Hi folks,

We need your help.

A team of students from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is developing an application to visualize the ITK performance benchmarks. This tool will help us understand how changes to the code, compilers, compiler flags, etc. impact the performance of the toolkit. Ultimately, this will enable us to improve the performance of the toolkit. :rocket: :fire:

We need more data! :robot: Benchmark results from additional systems will help the team create a system that scales, is robust to missing datapoints, etc.

You can help by running the performance benchmarks and uploading the results to our ITK/PerformanceBenchmarkingResults folder. Follow the instructions in the ITKPerformanceBenchmarking README, then send me your username for upload permissions to the results folder.

Also, check out the early visualizations by @jhlegarreta that can be generated from the data.



A range of git commits can now be passed as argument for evaluation.

@matt.mccormick The script runs into a build error after only a few commits on my Linux machine corista. I am uploading the results I got so far.

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Thanks, @dzenanz!