C++17 breaks Visual Studio 2017 -> drop support?

Enabling C++17 seems to have broken VS2017 due to numerous bugs, some of which we have encountered and fixed before. See details in draft PR 4021. Should we drop it as a supported compiler?



Does anyone in the community need VS2017 support?

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+1 as well! :smiley:

It appears too much work to keep supporting such an old compiler at the master branch. Certainly here at LKEB/Leiden University Medical Center, we do not need VS2017 support anymore, for upcoming ITK versions.

I already suggested dropping VS2017 a year ago, Drop support for Visual Studio 2017? but now we have an extra reason!

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With @hjmjohnson expressing support, I would like to hear opinion of @blowekamp and @jhlegarreta.

Sorry for being late to the conversation.

It’s fine for me from the pure standpoint of contributing to/maintaining ITK as time permits; I am using VS 2022 which hopefully has no trouble with C++17, but unfortunately I do not have an up-to-date information about ITK users still relying on VS 2017.

I have some builds and packages that are still using Visual Studio 2019 configured “v141” toolset. The “v141” toolset is which is the default for the Visual Studio 2017. I assume this is what is proposed to be dropped.

It is my understanding of then compilers that the run-times and linking should be compatible:

With the caveat is that is that newest compiler is used for linking and the runtime environment.

It’ll probably all work out with conda and conda forge.