Building module wheel with an older manylinux image

With this commit, ITKPythonPackage has upgraded the dockcross image tag, thus upgrading (among other things) GCC to version 12. Because Cuda 11 is not compatible with this gcc, I had to downgrade the image tag to have itk-cudacommon-cuda116 compiled, see this commit. However, this compilation uses ITKPythonBuild v5.4rc02. Does anyone know if it can be an issue if a module wheel is not built with the same dockcross image as the main ITK wheels?

Hi @simon.rit ,

If it is targeting the same manylinux version, e.g. _2_28-x64, the C abi and other dependencies should be compatible. A possible issue is the C++ abi. In practice, it may be fine – it helps that we are using a newer C++ standard in ITK. Many packages are moving to CUDA 12 so that would not hurt either if it is an option.


Good news, thanks for the information. Moving to Cuda 12 is obviously the plan. I guess I can already do it for CudaCommon, that should be straightforward. But as you know, I mainly use it for RTK and I have to fix the deprecation of texture reference with Cuda 12, see here… On my TODO list.