Building a TCL package of ITK

Is it possible to generate a TCL package of ITK using SimpleITK?

Hello @cbellon,

Yes, it is possible to generate a TCL package using SimpleITK. You will need to build SimpleITK and set the CMake WRAP_TCL flag to ON (if on commandline -DWRAP_TCL=ON). Obviously requires a TCL installation on the build system so that CMake will find it and set all the required paths correctly.

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Thank you for your answer.
With WRAP_TCL I have gotten a single executable file, a TCL command line application. But Iā€™m locking for a TCL package I can load dynamically at a general TCL application. Additionally I need to have it compatible with VTK 5.10. I think I have to build ITK 4 for it, where the ITK in SimpleITK requires VTK8 for VTKGlue.

It looks like the code to make the TCL library a loadable module was commented out some time ago:

SimpleITK does not use the ITKVTK module, so there is not compatibility issues with VTK since SimpleITK does not use it.