Build all Header files of ITK into python.

Hello Everyone,
I want to use ITK,VTK(ITKVTKGLUE) in my python code, but there is no such filter in ITK and VTK python. So I started building up all header files of ITK and VTK into python, while building it I’m having errors at castxml. I don’t know much about this castxml, any help would be appreciated solve errors. I need all header files to be build into I can work on full itk, vtk.I’m using latest versions of cmake and visual studio…
Thanks team for creating such a wonderful package.

Hello @Tirupathi_Rao_N,

Welcome to the community!

We will be building an itk-vtkglue Python package with classes that bridge ITK and VTK after the ITK 5.0 Beta 1 release, coming in a week or two, from this repository. If you have a Python build of VTK 8.1.1 or and and ITK Git master , you could try building it by configuring with CMake, and setting ITK_DIR and VTK_DIR. Otherwise, your help testing the beta packages would be appreciated!


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Thank you for reply @matt.mccormick for a period time up to your release I try to work on building files and small programs execution. After beta release I will use beta packages,happy to test packages and help you guys…
I’m using alpha release but I cant find any ItkToVtk filter.

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@matt.mccormick Very happy to see beta release of itk 5 .Thank you all for your effort for making itk package.
Can itk-vtk glue package binary files are built for windows too because up to now all I see is linux binary files.

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@Tirupathi_Rao_N yes, thanks for the request – I will work on the Windows itk-vtkglue packages. The ITK 5 beta release was a big step forward towards this – it is built with C++11.

Windows itk-vtkglue binary packages are now available for Python 3.5 and 3.6. Install with

python -m pip install itk-vtkglue

These contain the filters to convert to and from itk.Image and vtkImageData. They also now contain the convenient itk.ViewImage class by @phcerdan :sunny:.


Ole! This is great @matt.mccormick! :sparkles:

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