BUG: module 'TubeTK' has no attribute 'swig'

Thanks for your effort for InsightToolkit-5.1rc3! And I have installed tubetk with pip install itk-tubetk. The bug was reported when I tested the example ConvertTubesToImage.ipynb

How can I handle the problem?
Thank you for help!

@Stephen_Aylward is this expected?

Hello @TaoH,

You should observe this:

What are the versions of the itk packages? Ensure they are updated to 5.1rc3 with:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m pip install --upgrade --pre itk

Thanks for your reply! I confirm that I install InsightToolkit-5.1rc3. And ITKSpatialObjects-SimpleExample.ipynb is no problem for testing, but the bug is reported in ConvertTubesToImage.ipynb.

Best Wishes,

Thanks, I will try to reproduce this.

Hello @TaoH,

A new version of itk-tubetk is available – please try

python -m pip install --upgrade itk-tubetk itk itkwidgets

Thanks for your efforts! I have run the command that you recommended. However, I have another problem in this project.

I think that this problem is in itk. Colud you provide some advice?

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What Python version do you have?

Hello,@ matt.mccormick
The Python version I used is 3.7.4

is there any update on this? I’ve basically run into the same problem. I’ve created a new conda environment using the following steps.

conda create --name tubetk python
conda activate tubetk2
pip install user ipykernel
conda install jupyter
pip install --pre itk
pip install itk-tubetk
pip install itkwidgets

When I try to run the second cell in ComputeVesselProbabilityImageFromBrainMRIs.ipynb, I first get this error message:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_itkInterpolateImageFunctionPython'

When I run the cell a second time, however, I receive:

AttributeError: module 'itk.TubeTKPython' has no attribute 'swig'

We are working on a new package version.

itk-tubetk version 0.2.1 packages are available, installable with:

python -m pip install --upgrade itk-tubetk