BinaryDilateImageFilterType slow speed. Other option?

Hi everybody,

I need to use the BinaryDilateImageFilterType up to 100 of radii to close gaps but i found it really slow, i wonder if there is another fitlter to do the same with a better speed, more optimized?.

Thank you very much

You can look into the following:

  • using the grayscale version
  • the separability of morphology structuring elements
  • iteratively applying the element, another kind of SE decomposition
  • when the structuring element is a hyper-sphere, there is an equivalence with thresholding a distance field

EDIT: used list to clarify options

I found this to be the fastest option for large radii.

Edit: … when combined with Maurer filter.

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Thank you very much for your quick response. Is there any example of those filters?