Any example or implement for image registration with cuda

Hi all, we have implemented a demo for 2D/3D image registration with help by this article. But it cost too much time when registration even over 5 minites.

We’d like to speed up the process. And cuda may help it, but we can’t find any examples or demo for it. Could anyone give us any help?

Or is there any other solution to speed up the image registration process?

Some suggestions:

  • Make sure you are compiling in Release mode, not Debug.
  • Try lowering your sampling percentage. This might hurt registration accuracy and convergence, so be careful how much you reduce it.
  • Try multi-scale registration, if not doing so already.

Thanks for your reply. We make sure we are compiling in Release mode. But 2D/3D registration process do speed a lot of time according to research papers. We developed some other metric which include NGC, PI etc. There is no need to set sampling percentage which is suit for mattes mutual information metric. And multi-sacle registration is also implemented.
So we ask for a solution in cuda. Thanks for your reply again. If any idea later, it is welcome to share in here.

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