Anatomical orientation MHD

Dear all,

I am currently saving frames of an image buffer in MHD file format using a similar approach as described in - Example V. The image data is saved correctly and the images look fine. However, my MHD file header contains: AnatomicalOrientation = ??. For my application, the anatomical orientation is not relevant, however, I would like to replace the ?? with RAI to avoid problems in the future.

Among other things I tried:

const unsigned int Dimension = 2;
typedef itk::ImportImageFilter<unsigned char, Dimension> BufferImport;
BufferImport::Pointer frame = BufferImport::New();

typedef itk::Image<unsigned char> ImageType;
ImageType::DirectionType direction;

Unfortunately, this did not solve the issue. Does someone know how to fix this?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!


I don’t think you can use RAI for 2D images. Perhaps RA? But it does not matter. Take a look at this discussion.

Thanks for your fast reply. I had a look and I also believe it does not matter. So, I will just leave the question marks.