Add ITK in Qt

Hello, i am noob in linking libraries with Qt.
I would like to know if someone has a comprehensive guide on how to add and make ITK libraries working in Qt and then write some easy lines of code to see that working.

You can find an old, but simple example here:

There should not be more to it than following ITK hello world project:
and Qt’s get started with CMake:


Note that nowadays there is no room for small desktop applications implemented in Qt/C++:

  • You would use Python scripting, Jupyter notebooks, etc. for quickly trying things.
  • You need to distribute small applications on the web, because users refuse to install desktop applications for doing quick, simple things.
  • Desktop applications are still used for all high-end work, labor-intensive or computationally intensive tasks. User expectations for desktop applications are very high. Starting from scratch, you would need to invest years of development time to meet minimum requirements. However, there are open-source application frameworks for every discipline that you can extend/customize.

Therefore, if you want to develop useful/successful desktop applications with ITK then the question is not “how to create a new ITK+Qt application from scratch” but “which existing application framework should I use”.