Access and transfert transformation matrice with simpleITk and 3Dslicer

i work with simpleITK with python in 3dSlicer. We create a transform matrix with general brain registration (Bspline).
I would like to pull this matrix into the python Interactor to be able ti play with it. I try

import sitkUtils as su

But it didn’t work.
If i save it and open it seem ok:

I want to access to each vector in function of his localization in the image.
Do result.TransformPoint([x,y,z]) work?

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Cyril Jaudet

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This sounds mostly like and Slicer to SimpleITK issue. The Slicer community may be better at answering it. @lassoan

Slicer stores transforms in VTK transform classes. You can retrieve the VTK transform from the MRML node. If you have any further questions related to this, post it on