About varian obi reconstruction


I was trying to reconstruction on Python.
I referred to rtk firstreconstraction.py, but it didn’t run well.
Can python run the same thing that is run in /RTK/Examples/VarianReconstruction?
Please let me know if there is an example.

@simon.rit or @LucasGandel should be able to answer this.

The executable rtkvarianobigeometry uses the class rtk::VarianObiGeometryReader which is not currently wrapped. I’ll correct that but in the mean time, the fastest option is to compile the applications and run the command line example.

FYI, a PR has been merged for wrapping the geometry readers along with a translation of the rtkvarianobigeometry to Python:

Unfortunately, the generation of python packages with the CI is currently not working but you’ll be able to get packages when ITKv5.3rc02 is released.