About RTK use

I would like to use the RTK library. I have downloaded some CBCT raw data from Varian. Which programs should I refer to to write my reconstruction “hello world”?

Have you looked at RTK’s resources page?

@simon.rit is there a more up-to-date list of resources?

The only resource missing in this old page is RTK/INSTALLATION.md at master · SimonRit/RTK · GitHub which is what you might have been looking for. I have added it.
The “better documentation for RTK” project has been stalled unfortunately but I still hope to get back to it sooner or later…

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yes,but I donnot found the something help me

I have install it ,but Idonnot konw how to use it,Idonnot konw how to write my reconstruction “hello world”.

RTK is a module of ITK so you should look at the software guide to understand how one can compile an application using ITK (with the RTK module turned on):
You can start by compiling RTK’s FirstReconstruction

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OK thank you