4D and 3D + t images


I have 4D CT dataset that is basically lots of DCM files (DICOM), each group of DCMs present a 3D volume phase in the cardiac cycle, so I ended up with 10 3D volumes, I don’t know if this is assumed as 3D + t or 4D or something else.
Now I am trying to register these dataset, my problem that I don’t know what is the proper definition of this dataset because the 4D registration parameters have an image dimension of 4 while I have multiple 3D volumes (image dimension is 3).
Is there a way to create images that have size of 4 in this case?

Would you guide me in this, please? I am a bit confused.

Many thanks,

Hello @Farah,

What you are describing is registration of a sequence, registering 3D images where there is an order between them along the time dimension.

Highly recommend exploring the use of 3D Slicer to solve this task. Read a bit about its registration capabilities and specifically the sequence registration module.

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